FMS International Visitor Program 2006-2007

Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics

The topic of Finnish Mathematical Society (FMS) International Visitor Program 2006-2007 is Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics. It will be organized by FUNDIM (Fundamentals of Computing and Discrete Mathematics) at University of Turku and TUCS (Turku Centre for Computer Sciences), jointly with researchers in University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology.

The program consists of visits of foreign researchers to Finnish universities, as well as several international conferences and workshops taking place in Finland.

The idea of the program is to attract leading foreign scholars to visit and co-operate in Finland. Int particular, a special emphasize is paid to introduce new research areas to Finnish mathematics.

Topics of the program cover broad spectrum of discrete mathematics related to computing and information transmission, such as algorithmic and combinatorial aspects of words, automata theory, coding theory, quantum computing, self-assembly, discrete models of complex systems and algorithmic number theory.

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