Conference on

Algorithmic Number Theory

Turku, May 8–11, 2007

Talks in the conference

Invited talks:

Eric Bach
Sums Over Primes
Henri Cohen
On the generalized Fermat equation axp+byp+czp=0
Joachim von zur Gathen
Fast arithmetic: tiger in your tank
Pär Kurlberg
Lower bounds on the period of some pseudorandom number generators
Tanja Lange
Fast scalar multiplication on elliptic curves
Yuri Matiyasevich
Riemann's zeta function: Some Computations and Conjectures
Alf van der Poorten
Hyperelliptic curves, continued fractions, and Somos sequences
Tanguy Rivoal
Multiple hypergeometric series and linear forms in multiple zeta values
Nitin Saxena
Primality Testing
Paul Zimmermann
How Fast Can We Multiply Over GF(2)[x]?

Other talks

Carlos Castano-Bernard
On the subgroup generated by the traces of Heegner points and the real locus of X0+(N)
Willemien Ekkelkamp
The role of semismooth numbers in factoring large numbers
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen:
Some topics concerning the RSA system with key splitting
Tuomas Hakkarainen
On the computation of the class numbers of real abelian fields
Mika Hirvensalo
How to Compute the First Digit of Fibonacci Numbers in Polynomial Time
Nadya Markin
Galois Groups with Minimal Ramification
Richard Pinch
Absolute quadratic pseudoprimes
The Carmichael numbers up to 1021
Chris Smyth
Finding maximal torsion cosets on varieties
Katherine Stange
Elliptic nets and points on elliptic curves