Developments in Language Theory (DLT)

An International Conference Series under the auspices of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS)


The series of International Conferences Developments in Language Theory provides a forum for presenting current developments in formal languages and automata. Its scope is very general and includes, among others, the following topics and areas: combinatorial and algebraic properties of words and languages; grammars, acceptors and transducers for strings, trees, graphs, arrays; algebraic theories for automata and languages; codes; efficient text algorithms; symbolic dynamics; decision problems; relationships to complexity theory and logic; picture description and analysis; polyominoes and bidimensional patterns; cryptography; concurrency; cellular automata; bio-inspired computing; quantum computing.


The first Developments in Language Theory (DLT) conference was organized by G. Rozenberg and A. Salomaa in

Since 1993, the DLT conferences were held in every odd year:

Since 2001, a DLT conference takes place in Europe in every odd year and outside Europe in every even year. The locations of DLT conferences since 2002 were:

Steering Committee

J. Karhumäki 2010—
Past chairs:
G. Rozenberg, till 2010

Past Proceedings

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