Fundamentals of Computing and Discrete Mathematics


The centre has supervised 20 Ph.D.'s since 2002 receiving altogether best national thesis awards twice in Computer Science as well as twice in Mathematics.

  1. The members of the centre have published since 2008
    • Over 120 articles in peer reviewed journals,
    • over 60 articles in refereed conferences,
    • and since 2002 40 articles in top 4 % journals (according to Finnish Publication Forum classification),
    • ? books and ? special issues of journals.
  2. The center has organized major international conferences:
  3. Gödel award committee in 2004 was chaired from the centre.
  4. Steering committees of the following conferences are chaired from the centre
    • WORDS
    • DLT
    • IFIP Working Group 1.5: Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems
  5. The members of the centre are in ? editorial boards of international journals, see the list.
  6. Two of the professors are members of Finnish Academy of Science and one that of Academia Europaea.
  7. The centre organized the national thematic year "Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics" in 2006–2007, including workshops on the Fibonacci word and on Algorithms on Words.
  8. A FiDiPro program was granted to the centre for 2010–2015.
  9. The centre got excellent evaluations in the last national Centre of Excellence competitions being the only unit coordinated from the university of Turku in the second round.
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