JAC 2010

Journées Automates Cellulaires

Turku, Finland, December 15-17, 2010

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Tiling-recognizable two-dimensional languages: from non-determinism to determinism through unambiguity

Dora Giammarresi
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

Abstract. Tiling recognizable two-dimensional languages, also known as REC, generalize recognizable string languages to two dimensions and share with them several theoretical properties. Nevertheless REC is not closed under complementation and the membership problem is NP-complete. This implies that this family REC is intrinsically non-deterministic. The natural and immediate definition of unambiguity corresponds to a family UREC of languages that is strictly contained in REC. On the other hand this definition of unambiguity leads to an undecidability result and therefore it cannot correspond to any deterministic notion. We introduce the notion of line-unambiguous tiling recognizable languages and prove that it corresponds, or somehow naturally introduces, different notions of determinism that define a hierarchy inside REC.

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