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4th International Conference on

WORDS 2003
September, 10-13, 2003 Turku, Finland


Tuesday, September 9
18.00-21.00 Registration

Wednesday, September 10
08.30-09.00 Registration
  Session 1 - Chair: J. Karhumäki
09.00 Opening
Keijo Virtanen, Rector of the University of Turku
09.15-10.15 Sergei I. Adian
The Burnside problem on periodic groups and related topics
10.15-10.45 Coffee
  Session 2 - Chair: I. Simon
10.45-12.45 Anna E. Frid
Sequences of linear arithmetical complexity
  Sorin Constantinescu, Lucian Ilie
Fine and Wilf's theorem for any number of periods
  Arseny M. Shur, Yulia V. Gamzova
Periods' interaction property for partial words
  I.M. Araujo, V. Bruyere
Sturmian words and a criterium by Michaux-Villemaire
12.45-14.00 Lunch
  Session 3 - Chair: A. Restivo
14.00-16.00 Veikko Keränen
On Abelian Square-Free DT0L-Languages over 4 Letters
  David B. Penman, Christopher J. Saker
Counting Minimal n-Unavoidable Sets
  Peter Balazi
Substitution Properties of Ternary Words Coding 3-Interval Exchange
  Tatjana Petkovic, Miroslav Ciric, Stojan Bogdanovic
Words and forbidden subwords
16.00-16.30 Coffee
  Session 4 - Chair: J. Neraud
16.30-18.00 Julien Bernat
Continued fractions and numeration in Fibonacci basis
  Ondrej Turek
Complexity and balances of the infinite word of \beta-integers
  Jean-Luc Baril, Vincent Vajnovszki
Gray codes for p-ary Lucas strings
19.00 Reception of city of Turku

Thursday, September 11
A special day dedicated to the 60th birthday of Imre Simon
  Session 5 - Chair: J. Berstel
09.00-09.45 Christophe Reutenauer
Reduced words in symmetric Groups
09.45-10.30 Mikhail Volkov
Reflexive relations, extensive transformations and piecewise testable languages of a given height
10.30-11.00 Coffee
  Session 6 - Chair: M. Volkov
11.00-12.30 Y. Kohayakawa, C. Mauduit, C.G. Moreira, V. Rödl
Measures of pseudorandomness for finite sequences: minimum and typical values
  Arturo Carpi, Aldo de Luca
Harmonic and gold Sturmian words
  Pedro V. Silva
Rational subsets of partially reversible monoids
12.30-13.45 Lunch
  Session 7 - Chair: D. Perrin
13.45-14.30 Imre Simon
Words distinguished by their subwords
16.00-19.00 Excursion (by boat from Turku to Naantali)
19.00 Banquet (in Merisali at Naantali)

Friday, September 12
  Session 8 - Chair: A. de Luca
09.00-09.45 James Currie
Pattern avoidance: Themes and variations
09.45-10.15 Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey Shallit, Ming-wei Wang
Avoiding large squares in infinite binary words
10.15-10.45 Coffee
10.45-12.45 Session 9A - Chair: T. Harju Session 9B - Chair: F. Mignosi
  F. Leve, G. Richomme
On a conjecture about finite fixed points of morphisms
Janis Buls
Machine Invariant Classes
  N.E. Oussous, M. Petitot
xtaylor: un algorithme pour les polynomes non commutatifs
Veronique Bruyere, Olivier Carton, Geraud Senizergues
Tree automata and automata on linear orderings
  Hoang Ngoc Minh
Finite polyzetas, Poly-Bernoulli numbers, identities of polyzetas and noncommutative rational power series
Julia Stoll
A regular characterization of context-free languages applying an extension of Higman's theorem
  Leszek Gasieniec, Roman Kolpakov, Igor Potapov
Space efficient search for maximal repetitions
Peter Leupold
On some properties of context-free languages related to primitive words
12.45-14.00 Lunch
  Session 10 - Chair: V. Bruyere
14.00-16.00 Sabrina Mantaci, Antonio Restivo, Marinella Sciortino
Combinatorial aspects of the Burrows-Wheeler transform
  Maurice Margenstern
Tilings of hyperbolic spaces: the splitting method and group theory
  M. Domaratzki, A. Mateescu, K. Salomaa, S. Yu
Deletion on trajectories and commutative closure
  Sergey Verlan, Rosalba Zizza
1-splicing vs. 2-splicing: separating results
16.00-16.30 Coffee
  Session 11 - Chair: J.-M. Boe
16.30-18.00 A. Bertoni, P. Massazza, R. Radicioni
Random generation of words with fixed occurrences of symbols in regular languages
  Diego de Falco, Massimiliano Goldwurm, Violetta Lonati
Pattern statistic in bicomponent stochastic models
  Denis Debarbieux, Yves Roos, Sophie Tison, Yves Andre, Anne-Cecile Caron
Path rewriting in semistructured data

Saturday, September 13
  Session 12 - Chair: J. Cassaigne
09.00-09.45 Florent Hivert
An analogue of the plastic monoid for binary search trees
09.45-10.15 Anouk Bergeron-Brlek, Srecko Brlek, Annie Lacasse, Xavier Provencal
Patterns in smooth tilings
10.15-10.45 Coffee
  Session 13 - Chair: J. Currie
10.45-12.45 Vesa Halava
Decidability in infinite Post correspondence problem
  Tero Harju, Dirk Nowotka
About Duval extensions
  Stepan Holub
A proof of Duval's conjecture
  Eduardo Moreno
Lyndon words and de Bruijn sequences in a subshift of finite type
12.45-14.00 Lunch
  Session 14 - Chair: Ch. Reutenauer
14.00-14.30 D.S. Ananichev, I.V. Petrov
Quest for short synchronizing words and short collapsing words
14.30-15.15 Filippo Mignosi
The multidimensional critical factorization theorem
15.15-16.15 Coffee

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