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Poster    2009-08-06

Abstracts presenting original contributions in complex analysis and related areas are being sought.

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The easiest way to travel from the Helsinki airport to Turku is by bus. There are regular connections 24 hours each day. For more information see travel information page.

We do our best to meet you at the Turku airport, the harbour or the bus station. We will be at the Turku airport on Sunday 16.8. at 16:50, 20:00 and 22:40 and on Monday 17.8. at 00:15. We will be at the Turku bus station on Sunday 16.8. at 17:10 and 20:40 and on Monday 17.8. at 2:50.

There are also local busses from the Turku harbour and the Turku airport to Market Square. The bus number is 1. For hotel Seurahuone get off at bus stop number 13 (called Eskelinkatu) rigth after bus stop called Marina Palace. Here you can find a map of Turku and a map of local busses (zoomed version).

In the case of emergency you may contact the organizers by phone +358 40 7318 470.

The registration fee for the accompanying persons is 90 euros (including conference dinner and excursion to Naantali). On Wednesday you have an opportunity for a unique smoke sauna experience and swimming. Therefore, please bring swimming suit.

The registration fee can be paid only in cash at the conference site (exact change is preferred). The registration will start on Sunday 18:00-21:00 at the conference cite (University of Turku, building LT II). Some refreshments and snacks are also served.

Information about the conference proceedings can be found here.

Due to recent cancellations there are a few gaps in the schedule. Therefore, we can give the opportunity for someone to deliver a presentation. If you are interested please inform us to


Early registration: April 31, 2009
Abstracts: June 30, 2009
Conference: August 17–21, 2009


University of Turku, Department of Mathematics
FI-20014 Turku Finland

Phone and Fax: +358 2 333 6291, +358 2 333 6595 (fax)