Information on the FP7 call on UC

FP7 ICT Call 8 (FET Proactive)
Objective ICT-2011.9.6 Unconventional Computation (UCOMP)

- Call open: 20/07/2011
- Closing of call: 17/01/2012 17:00 h (Brussels time)

Extract from the Work programme 2011-12: The objective is to develop alternative approaches for situations or problems that are challenging or impossible to solve with conventional methods and models of computation (i.e. von Neumann, Turing). Typical examples include computing in vivo, and performing massively parallel computation. The focus of this objective is beyond existing initiatives (e.g. Quantum ICT, Neuro-IT and Brain-Inspired ICT).

- Indicative Budget: 15 MEuro
- Funding scheme: STREPs

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