Workshop on Fibonacci Words
Workshop on Fibonacci Words
Turku, September 27 - 30, 2006
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Tentative Key Speakers

  • Jean-Paul Allouche (Orsay): Extremal properties of (epi)sturmian sequences and applications: a survey
  • Lubomira Balková (Prag): Some effective tools for determining return words
  • Julien Bernat (Marseille): Irreducible balanced pairs on substitutive languages
  • Jean Berstel (Marne-la-Vallée): Factorizations of Fibonacci and other standard Sturmian words
  • Valérie Berthé (Montpellier): Sturmian fixed points of morphisms
  • Julien Cassaigne (Marseille): Is the Fibonacci word always optimal?
  • Aldo de Luca (Naples): Palindromes in Sturmian and episturmian words
  • Sébastien Ferenczi (Marseille): Weak mixing of Arnoux-Rauzy sequences
  • Aviezri Fraenkel (Rehovot): The Rat Game and the Mouse Game
  • Maurice Margenstern (Metz): Fibonacci number and words in tilings of the hyperbolic plane
  • Yuri Matiyasevich (Saint-Petersburg): Word Equations, Fibonacci Numbers, and Hilbert's Tenth Problem
  • Filippo Mignosi (L'Aquilla): TBA
  • Aleksandr Mylläri (Turku): Fibonacci-Padovan Sequences and MacWilliams Transform Matrices
  • Giuseppe Pirillo (Firenze): Characterizations of finite and infinite episturmian words via lexicographic orderings
  • Antonio Restivo (Palermo): From data compression to Fibonacci words
  • Wojciech Rytter (Warsaw): The structure of subwords and suffix arrays of Fibonacci words
  • Patrice Séébold (Montpellier): Spelling Fibonacci
  • Zhi-Ying Wen (Beijing): Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond
  • Luca Zamboni (Denton): Combinatorial and Arithmetic Properties of Symmetric k-IET languages