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Turku has a small airport which is 20 minutes away (by bus) from the city center. Apart from that, the two closest airports are in Tampere and Helsinki.

Getting to the city center

From Turku Airport
Just outside Terminal 1, you will find the bus stop. Only bus number 1 leaves from there and will take you in 25 minutes to the market square (Kauppatori). Since this is a local bus, the ticket costs 2.50 EUR during the day, which must be paid to the driver.

From Helsinki Airport
The easiest way to get to Turku from Helsinki airport is taking the bus that leaves from the airport, usually from platform number 5 (but it's better to doublecheck, since it depends on which terminal you arrive at). Notice that unless you arrive during the night, you will have to change bus at the IKEA in Espoo (more or less 30 minutes after the bus leaves the airport). Just tell the driver that you have to go to Turku and he will take care of your luggage taking it onto the other bus. Anyway, the first bus will not leave before the new one arrives. In Turku you will have to get off at the Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), which is the stop just before the last one (see the map below on this page). The trip takes approximately 2h 40min and costs about 30 EUR (something less if you buy a return ticket) which can be paid on in cash or by credit card on the bus. Timetable and prices can be found here. It is also possible to take a bus to Helsinki train station from the Airport and take a train from there. Train schedules can be found at the website

From Tampere Airport
You will first have to reach Tampere railway station either by bus (6 EUR, 30min) or by taxi (30-35 EUR, 20min). From there, the best option is to take a direct train (approximately 30 EUR, 1h 40min). Train schedules can be found at the website

Getting Around Turku

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Turku city center is fairly small and almost everything is within 30 minutes walking distance. Local buses are quite frequent, the ticket (which can be purchased on the bus) costs 2.50 EUR and lasts 2 hours. Information on bus schedules and lines can be found here; the website is in English, but you will have to use the Finnish names of your destinations in order to use it. Here is a list of useful terms that can be used:

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