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3rd Nordic EWM Summer School for PhD Students in Mathematics
University of Turku, Finland, June 22-27, 2009
Maps and Directions
We don't really want you to get lost so... Have some maps and directions! First of all, everything depends on where you arrive.

Airport in Turku: Take bus number 1 to get to the market place. In the speakers' map below, you are very very close to the point D. If you are a speaker, it is a very short walk to get to your hotel (called Plaza, point B on the speakers' map).
Bus station in Turku: Look at the speakers' map below. This is point A. If you are accomodated in the centrum area, this is an easy walk.
Harbour in Turku: Take bus number 1 to get to the market place. Harbour is on the other end of the line than the airport. When you arrive to the market place, you are very very close to the point D.
Railway station in Turku: This is point E in the speakers' map. Again easy walk within the centrum area.
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: Take an Expressbus from bay 14 (in front of the International terminal) to the bus station in Turku or to the bus stop near the cathedral. The latter one is sensible in case you are accomodated to the Villa Hortus. See the Villa Hortus map below (in this case you'll walk from A to B). Most likely you'll have to change bus near IKEA in Espoo. However, the bus driver will give instructions.
Helsinki railway station: Take a train to Turku. (By the way, if you are arriving from St Petersburg or Moscow, train may be a sensible choice.)
Helsinki bus station Take a bus to Turku, proceed as if you were arriving from the airport. HOWEVER, please notice that there are also very very slow buses between Helsinki and Turku, so don't choose the first one you'll see but rather check that the expected time is between two and three hours. The bus should be a direct one.
Arriving anywhere else: Sorry, you are on your own. Ask for help. Most people speak understandable English in Finland.

Most speakers

Show a bigger map
Villa Hortus map

Villa Hortus is point B (Horttokuja 3) on this map and the bus stop point A (if you take the airport bus, you should let the driver know that you want to get off at the Cathedral stop).

In the campus map (see below), Villa Hortus is the building number T42 (E6). Some of you are staying at the Villa Hortus Apartment, which is located at Porthaninkatu 6B in the crossing of Henrikinkatu and Porthaninkatu. The apartment is in the first floor, there's a sign "Turun yliopisto" at the door.

B&B Tuure
The map of Tuure area can be found at their website (front page), see the link below in the accommodation/low budget section. The black lines are pointing to Tuure, and above Tuure is "Linja-autoasema" which means the bus station. You can also see the railway, the train station is not far away either.

Getting to university


The lectures will take place (up on the university hill) in the "Quantum" auditorium, which is in the physics building number T7 (G5) in the campus map. The simplest access is from Hämeenkatu, take the stairs up from Hesburger, and while climbing the steps, it will be the first building on your right (so not the yellow wooden one below the stairs, but the first "modern" looking building by the stairs). The registration desk is in front of the auditorium.

Villa Hortus is the building number T42 (E6) in the campus map. From Villa Hortus you just climb up the hill, you will end up next to a blue fountain, from there you can see the building T7, it is the most distant building by the yard when arriving from Henrikinkatu's side.

We have a preliminary booking for a few low budget beds and rooms at the university guesthouse Villa Hortus and B&B Tuure. There are also many other options you can choose from. The price ranges from 15 € to 80 € /night/person depending on the facilities. Contact the hotel or guesthouse directly to make your reservation. If you need assistance (e.g. want to share a room with another participant) or wish to book a room at Villa Hortus or B&B Tuure, contact Eeva Suvitie at eevsuv [at] utu [dot] fi.

Important! If you are staying at B&B Tuure, please take into account that they close at 9pm, so you need to arrive before that in order to get your room for the night. If you arrive later, make sure to contact Camilla Hollanti (e-mail below) and set up a time so that she can come and let you in.

If you are staying at the University Guesthouse Villa Hortus and arriving outside the check-in hours (9-11am and 12-3pm), please let Camilla (cajoho [at] utu [dot] fi) and Villa Hortus (villahortus [at] utu [dot] fi) know so that they can come and let you in. There's a door code and inside you can find your key, so if you feel adventurous, you can try to manage by yourself (after getting the door code from Camilla).

Please notice that the summer 2009 is extremely busy in the Turku area. Do make your reservation as early as possible.

We cannot guarantee the stability of the example prices shown below. The hotels are conveniently located with respect to the university and city center, if nothing else is mentioned.

Omenahotelli (starting from 36 €/night)
Scandic Julia (single room 82 €/night)
Hesehotelli (single room 40 €/night, web page in Finnish)
Centro (starting from 65 €/night)

Low budget
Hostel Turku (starting from 14 €/night, 3 km from the university)
Guesthouse Kultainen Turisti (40 €/single room, web page in Finnish)
Bed & Breakfast Tuure (starting from 23 €/night, single room 38 €/night, prices include wireless and computers, kitchen and washing machine are also available free of charge)
Apartment hotel Tapuli (single room 35 €/night)

Limited travel support will be available, contact Camilla Hollanti (cajoho [at] utu [dot] fi) for more information on how to apply. We do not expect to be able to contribute to travel expenses or accommodation for all participants. Participants should apply for funding from their own institutions and other sources. However, we hope that we will be able to provide all participants with light lunches and one dinner.

Travel information

Turku can be reached by plane, train or boat (from Stockholm, see Viking Line or Silja Line for more information). Train or bus from Helsinki to Turku costs around 50 € (return).