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3rd Nordic EWM Summer School for PhD Students in Mathematics
University of Turku, Finland, June 22-27, 2009
Updates on June 23

The Wednesday film eve will start at 19:30 in Quantum auditorium. We will watch the film "Women in Mathematics Across Cultures" (about 50 minutes). After the film there will be time for conversation. The film is 15 years old, so it can be fascinating to compare the issues raised there to the issues we might be facing today. Snacks and drinks (wine, beer, soda) will be served and you are welcome to bring own drinks if you want something else.

Thursday dinner and excursion: The pick-up is again either by the cathedral or by hotel Scandic Plaza at 17:00. Don't be late! First we take a small bus excursion to Ruissalo island and then head for a buffet dinner (around 18:30) in Aurinko restaurant in Kansanpuisto, Ruissalo. You will see big cruiseboats (at least if we are lucky!) and some nice villas.

The poster talks are scheduled for Thursday morning 10:30-11:15. In case you want to present a poster and haven't printed it out yet, you can bring it to us as a pdf and we try to print and enlarge it early enough for the session. Each poster presenter will have 10 minutes to present their poster and answer questions. The presentations will take place in the Quantum lobby (so not inside the auditorium but in front of it). A more detailed timetable will be put on the wall before the session.

Don't forget to bring your receipts to the registration desk if you need to get reimbursed (travel grant/invited speaker)! The invited speakers should bring the receipts Thursday morning the latest, as we need to make the travel invoices before going to the bank on Thursday. Those of you who have euro as currency (so all Finnish speakers, for example) can give us the account details and we can also tranfer it via bank after the summer school. If you cannot make it to the bank on Thursday (14:30) and don't have euro account, please let us know as soon as possible. The grant holders can claim their money towards receipts at any time (when Camilla/Sanna/Eeva/Aasa is present) at the registration desk.

We are making a participant list, you will get one later this week! If you DON'T want your e-mail in the list, let us know as otherwise it will be there :).

Updates on June 16

Midsummer fest schedules: In the weekend we have the midsummer fest, so the trains and buses may be crowded. Try to be patient, and it is good to know that you can enter the train without a ticket (so if at the station you are told the train is sold out, you can still get in), and then buy one from the conductor. You won't get a seat, but usually you can still find an empty seat or just go to the restaurant car and have a beer :). Usually buses better take into account the special dates like this, so I hope it will be fine!

See expressbus.fi and vr.fi for timetables, and enter the exact date of your arrival - the schedules can change from day to day due to the midsummer fest.

Getting to the university: The lectures will take place (up on the university hill) in the "Quantum" auditorium, which is in the physics building number T7 (G5) in the campus map, see




The simplest access is from Hämeenkatu, take the stairs up from Hesburger, and while climbing the steps, it will be the first building on your right (so not the yellow wooden one below the stairs, but the first "modern" looking building by the stairs). The registration desk is in front of the auditorium. From Hortus there's even a simpler way, see the above campus map; Hortus is building T42 (E6).

Updates on June 12

Getting paid for your expenses (invited speakers and grant holders): Don't forget to save the receipts, we can only pay towards original receipts (this is the university policy). Contact the registration desk in order to get reimbursed.

Presentations: If you are giving a talk in the summer school (invited/contributed), please bring your slides to us during some of the breaks, so that we can download them on our laptop. Own laptops cannot be used unless really necessary (we will have a USB stick in case you don't have your own). Alternatively, you can e-mail your slides to Camilla: (cajoho [at] utu [dot] fi). Kindly do this well in advance in order to avoid any extra hassle in speaker change. There will also be an overhead projector and a whiteboard.

The contributed talks will be allowed 20 minutes for presentation, including Q&A and speaker change. Try to respect the timing!

There will be a (very) short break in the middle during the 90-120 minute lectures, this is mainly for the speaker to take a breath :) The audience could stay put if possible, otherwise the break is not likely to be that short as there're quite many of us!

Updates on June 8

Important! If you are staying at B&B Tuure, please take into account that they close at 9pm, so you need to arrive before that in order to get your room for the night. If you arrive later, make sure to contact Eeva Suvitie (eevsuv [at] utu [dot] fi) and set up a time so that she can come and let you in.

If you are staying at the University Guesthouse Villa Hortus and arriving during the weekend, please let Camilla (cajoho [at] utu [dot] fi) and Villa Hortus (villahortus [at] utu [dot] fi) know so that they can come and let you in, as the guesthouse is closed during the weekends (guests can stay there even then of course :), we just need to know it!).

The online registration system remains open, but register ASAP to make sure to receive the proceedings.

Updates on May 4

The online-fee will be raised to the on-site fee (55/80 euros) after May 15. The online registration system will close on June 1. Please pay online if you want to be sure to receive the proceedings.


We have very few rooms left. Also, basically every place in Turku is going to be crowded. If you haven't booked your accomodation, do it immediately.
Updates on April 29

Accomodation and travel
We've put some information to Accomodation and travel page. We'll continue updating it and we will add some more maps and change some of the maps into clearer ones.


Even if you've missed the submission deadline, don't worry. We'll have a poster session. Just bring the poster with you and we'll put it on display. Please let us know if you want to give a short talk (10 minutes) based on your poster. Bring on all those pretty graphs!

Updates on April 21

Travel support
We will make preliminary decisions concerning the travel support application on April 30. So we kindly ask you to hurry with your application if you have not yet applied but still wish to do so! In case we get more sponsors after the preliminary decisions have been made, the amounts may increase, and/or few more students could be supported.

The support money will be distributed to the recipients towards original receipts upon arrival (unless we directly pay your local costs). A copy of a receipt will do, if the sum is bigger than the support and someone else will reimburse the rest.

To those who have already applied but have not yet paid the registration fee
1) If you still want us to consider your travel grant application, please send an e-mail to Camilla Hollanti and confirm that you are still planning to attend.
2) Keep in mind that our support won't in any case be more than 350 euros. So if this is not enough in order for you to attend, please let us know so someone else can benefit from this money.

Updates on April 2

Registration deadline has been extended to May 15. You can also register after this (also on site) but we can only guarantee the people registering before May 15 to get the proceedings (although we plan to make some extra copies).

Updates on February 25

The early registration has been extended (again) due to the late opening of the online payment systems. The new deadline is March 10. Also, we accept payments via Western Union. See Registration for more information.

Updates on February 23

Our procedure for receiving registration payments is now open. At the moment, we can process credit card payments sent by fax, see exact instructions on the web page. The online payment form will also appear soon, hopefully this week. Due to the delay in our payment system, we have extended the early registration (students 35 euros, others 55 euros) deadline to February 28. After that, you can still register online till April 1, but the fee will be 15/20 euros more. So be quick and save your money! This would also help us in making the preparations for a successful summer school. On-site registration is also possible, but again for a bit higher fee, which will be fixed later. If you don’t have a credit card, band transfer is also possible but transaction fees may occur. If you want to pay via bank transfer, contact Camilla Hollanti (cajoho [at] utu dot fi).

We still have some single and shared rooms available for students (17-38 euros/person/night). If you wish to book your bed through us, please contact Eeva Suvitie (eevsuv [at] utu dot fi) ASAP. Especially budget rooms are filling up rapidly due to various happenings (e.g. 80,000 people coming for a religious happening) at the time of the summer school, so make sure you are not left without a room. Hostel Turku is one of the cheapest options as they have dormitories and student discounts. You can find a list of lodging options at the web page. Those with an adventurous heart and very small budget can consider couchsurfing.com or hospitalityclub.org, there you can find people offering their couches for free. This should be very reliable. However, we can’t take any responsibility on how your visit on someone’s couch will turn out. But you may consider this as an extreme option for saving money.

Travel support
Limited travel support (expectedly around 150-350 euros/recipient) for covering local expenses is available for students. The travel grants will be distributed based on applications (see instructions on the web page). Unfortunately, it is likely that we are not able to support all students. Those submitting a paper will be given priority, if required. If you think you have applied for support already, do make sure you have provided us with all the necessary details (see Travel support).

Submitting a contribution
The deadline for contributions to be included in the (refereed) summer school proceedings is April 15. After this, you may still be able to present your work in student sessions, but it won’t appear in the proceedings. The proceeding papers can either contain new results (like in regular conference proceedings), or they can be short surveys on your research subject. We haven’t set any page limit, but the length of the paper should match the presentation time, which will be 20-30 minutes (i.e. don’t make it too long). Note also that this is a general maths summer school, so your presentation should be at a general enough level to be accessible (at least up to some point) to a wider audience. Use the LaTeX template provided at the web page. In case you wish to use some other format, contact Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen (anmaer [at] utu dot fi) for instructions.

Talk titles of the invited speakers have been now added to the Program page. Preliminary program with a timetable will appear soon.